AZARDI Version Release History

Updated 2016-07-28

This is the history of the ePub3 version of AZARDI. The earlier ePub2 edition of AZARDI is not included in this history list.

AZARDI is the world's first ePub3 reader being released just one month after the specification was finalized.

Sr. No. Year Release Date Version Features Bugs/Improvements
1 2011 2011-11-21



  1. Exception handling if font file is not found.
  2. Loading multiple CSS files
  3. Added STIX fonts in application.
  4. Sorting Shelves by name except default shelves.
  5. Applying STIX fonts CSS if properties="mathml" is found.
  6. Applying book CSS in sequence.
  7. Shortcut Keys implemented for the following:
    1. ALT + l - Library
    2. ALT + s - Shelves
    3. ALT + a - Add Book
    4. ALT + p - User Preferences
    5. ALT + r - Go Back
    6. Left Arrow - Previous Page
    7. Right Arrow - Next Page
  8. Handling Special characters in ePub name.
  9. Implemented Application Auto Update strategy.
  10. Added new loading icon.
  11. Added the database version in azardi.azd. (System table added in Database with value 120111116)
  12. Added AIE events engine js.
  1. Fix Book open bug.
  2. Updated AIE.
  3. Updated AIE Storyline engine js.
  4. Updated Library icons.
  5. Updated CSS for nesting in full page TOC.
  6. Background image used for Chapter is not appearing.
  7. Embedded fonts are not getting applied.
  8. WEBM format is not playing in AZARDI.
  9. Bugfix: right / left navigation arrow key not working correctly. (Keyboard buttons, e.g. page navigation is not working once clicked on page)
  10. Updated TOC CSS.
2 2011 2011-12-23 8.0
  1. Added about box.
  2. Added image-viewer to view, zoom and pan images in new window.
  3. Added AIE support in CDP.
  4. Added landmark button in ePub3 Reader.
  5. Getting localStorage object for AZARDI.
  6. Downloading and installing catalog.
  7. Displaying catalog of catalogs.
  8. Implemented non-linear navigation.
  9. Cover handling in epub.
  10. RTL working in TOC.
  11. Loading html files as xhtml if it has xhtml mime-type.
  12. Using DejaVu Sans Condensed as an application font.
  1. Updating license for iScroll.
3 2012 2012-01-17 8.1
  1. Added "Date Added" column in library.
  2. Added "Page Navigation".
  3. Add multiple books using Drag & Drop.
  4. Section navigation is implemented.(Shift+Left Arrow/Page Up and Shift+Left Arrow/Page Down).
  5. Implemented displaying description while adding books in book-info dialog.
  6. Implemented Remove book feature while adding using bulk upload.
  7. Opening landmarks and page-nav from TOC.
  1. Changed the license information text in about box.
  2. Changed select file button to browse.
  3. Updated AIE with gameutils.js
  4. Opening/Deleting/Getting info of books using id instead of file name.
  5. If new book is added to the library, scrolling the library to the top.
  6. Setting the language of the book from .opf file.
  7. Updated CSS for library table view. (hover, selected and odd even classes)
  8. Fix: CDP Audio not playing.
  9. Fix: CDP Dictionary Audio not playing.
  10. Fix: Image container is not resizing.
  11. Fix: Multiple cover link problem in nested TOC.
  12. Fix: open library --> open shelf --> add book --> book is added but library is not updated.
  13. Disabling/Enabling OK button for bulk upload.
  14. Fix the Cover image resize problem.
  15. Using opener_aco for CDP.
  16. Updated the CSS for bulk upload.
  17. Fixed the issue for the Landmarks section not getting displayed in the TOC.
4 2012 2012-02-22 8.2
  1. Double Click to load image.
  1. CSS problem has been fixed
  2. Application hangs when navigating through TOC.
5 2012 2012-04-09 11.0
  1. Changed the button structure when the book is open.
  2. Implemented the SMIL audio handling.
  3. Implemented multiple column.
  4. Implemented column rule.
  5. Changed the icon and tooltip info for global user preferences.
  6. Changed the tooltip for book preferences.
  7. Added "Open Last" option in table view of library.
  8. Muting all book preferences button when in fixed layout mode.
  9. Setup the key events for the audio options.
  1. Updated the help page.
  2. Removed DejaVu Sans Condensed font from the application.
  3. Updated the CSS for buttons in thumbnail view.
  4. Removed font size, line space, margins from the user preferences.
  5. Appending empty pages at the end of the chapter, to stop repeating columns.
  6. Fixed: CSS Issue- Flyout side TOC was inheriting book CSS.
6 2012 2012-04-10 11.1
  1. Bug Fixes Only.
  1. Hiding the timeline for books with SMIL.
  2. Updated the help page.
  3. Fixed Issue: Audio button not working correctly.
7 2012 2012-04-26 11.2
  1. Double Click to load images in a viewport.
  1. Features upgrades Only.
8 2012 2012-06-11 11.3
  1. Bug Fixes Only.
  1. ePub loader updated to handle CSS files with different location.
9 2012 2012-07-05 11.4
  1. Bug Fixes Only.
  1. Bug fix – Hyperlink issues (function updated to handle relative path in file location)
  2. Fix - Loading Pages that do not exist in spine failed when the files were within separate subdirectory.
10 2012 2012-12-31 17.0
  1. Integrated support IDPF Fixed layout.
  2. FullScreen view mode.
  3. ePub file Association
  1. Features upgrades Only.
11 2013 2013-02-15 18.0
  1. Integrated support for online ACF Publisher Bookstore Account.
  1. Side TOC is not working.
  2. Image double click feature is not working.
  3. The navigation from left/right to same page is not working.
12 2013 2013-03-20 19.0
  1. Implemented Delete folder strategy for ACF Books.
  1. Double column page not loading, when navigated from Notes.
  2. js issue solved for a LIVE user epub test case.
  3. Read label removed for main library, but retained in Bookstore shelf
  4. Linux Mar update issue fixed.
13 2013 2013-06-12 20.0
  1. Bug Fixes Only.
  1. Azardi Desktop Audio/Video support for ACFS books - The reader at present downloads the audio/video file from S3 location and plays them from local
    BUG: Video loading issue for ACFS books LRPE Processing issue. It seems this video "DPM-Uploading-a-Manuscript.mp4" is not being processed correctly. As per the page: The right video is a externall link. It looks like the lrpe processing is converting that link to a local link.
  2. API has changed- the api no longer passes the image as data url and this will need to be implemented in offline reader in additon to this, we will have to implement
    1. image handling strategy
    2. API changes done by Akash and lk
    3. subscription handling
  3. Footnotes linking is not working in AZARDI-18.
    1. Test Case: popup_2.epub
    2. popup_3.epub (this is epub 3. Need to test this after the bug is fixed for epub2.)
  4. The default 2 column structure, flashes form 2 colunn to 1 colum and back to 2 column, when navigated to new section

  5. Epub Association bug for LINUX only.

    Double Clicking a file opens AZARDI but doen't open epub (LINUX only).Got this issue after fixing the mar update problem in the earlier release.
14 2013 2013-07-17 21.0
  1. MP3 and MP4 support on Windows Platform.
  2. Support for E0 format.
  3. E0 file Association for Windows and MacOS platform.
  1. Features upgrades Only.
15 2013 2013-08-20 23.0
  1. Support for E0 no TOC no Spine- This is where the package contains html files that are not present in TOC or Spine.
  2. Support for rendition:layout-scrolling- This is to allow a book author to setup a chapter as flow mode instead of column mode.
  3. E0 support updated to handle the following scenarios:
    1. Use of hidden attribute in the index.html to remove items from the toc
    2. Use of link tag to specify the cover image for the book
  1. On windows system, after installing AZARDI the epub file type "EPUB File" gets changed to "E0".
  2. If we double click or drag & drop e0 format into AZARDI, the main libaray shows E0 format type as epub & version as e0, whereas if we browse the e0 format , the version & type is shown as e0.
  3. If we double click an epub/e0 to open in AZARDI reader, then if we select thumbnail view from the main library the cover doesn't appear for the epub/e0 format.
  4. When we drag and drop or double click the e0 format its type appears as " E0 ", whereas when we browse e0 format its type appear as " e0 ", this need to be changed to " E0 "
  5. After making a Note when we click on the highlighted text it doesn't open the NOTE window to view or to modify it.
  6. AZARDI doesn't open the last reading page in a chapter, it always opens the first page of whatever chapter I was reading last.
  7. When we double-click an epub after setting it to by default open with AZARDI, it opens the reader only. ( epub association bug For LINUX only)
  8. The Background option in the settings has been removed since it doesn't work.
  9. ePub format- If a section is set to spine property none, that section linking from other internal sections was not working.
  10. When we're making interactive books, sometime there is text entry fields in the book. When we type inside the textbox and try to move cursor left/right to correct or delete some characters using left/right arrow it navigates to next section.
16 2013 2013-09-26 24.0
  1. Implemented Shortcut Keys for the following:
    1. ALT + n - Create New Shelf
    2. ALT + f - Create Publisher Shelf
    3. ALT + u - Update Shelf
  2. Double click to launch the image is a new window for E0 format.
  3. Introducing Single Bookstore Model- Users needs to key in e-Mail and Password to register for the ACF account. Other changes includes
    1. The description and hover text does not show the user ref no.
    2. While checking to see if the account already exists, use just email for the single bookstore deployment.
  4. Introducing Audio Playback rate change feature. So there is a new slider next to SMIL audio play button.
    1. Dragging slider to right increases the audio speed
    2. Dragging to left reduces the audio speed
  1. IDPF Test Books- Problem with the SMIL Audio Overlay. The IDPF SMIL books are not playing on AZARDI.

    This is because we have hard-coded lookup for OGG or WebM files as if audio file referenced in SMIL **.smil file is MP3 then AZARDI is looking for fallback audio OGG/Webm. Since now AZARDI supports MP3 we will have to fix this to only look for fallback audio if main audio file is not supported by the reader.
  2. F22.

    If you go to reflowable sections, and see flyout side TOC, you will see AZARDI generated "COVER" page. But if you go to any of fixed layout pages and see flyout side toc, you will see there is no azardi generated cover. either one is wrong, should be consistent. Either it shouldn't have always or should always have.

    Fix: COVER link is not displayed for the fixed layout books.
  3. Internal nagivation- Internal links to Standalone pages not working in ACF books.
  4. Test Case- igp-ttohr-math_svg-images.epub

    SVG book loading issue- too many files open error. one of the function was opening files and was not closing it, so the svg dir had 2964 files and linux issued the too many files error and started giving problems in opening further files.
  5. By default azardi displays print page numbers which has epub:type="pagebkreak". We want this hidden by default. And it displays When user clicks on Show Print Page Numbers button.
17 2013 2013-11-13 25.0
  1. 1. Earlier version used to load PDFs in the reader window itself.

    Updated- The PDF now loads in a new window.
  1. Footnotes/Notes linking is not working.
18 2013 2013-12-18 26.0
  1. Support for Notes and Footnotes pop-ups.
  2. AZARDI Internationalization in the following languages:
    1. CHINESE (Simplified)
    2. CZECH
    3. ENGLISH
    4. GERMAN
    5. HINDI
    6. ITALIAN
    7. MALAY
    8. NEPALI
    9. POLISH
    10. RUSSIAN
    11. SPANISH
  1. When we double click a image , it opens correctly in the Image Viewer, but when we double click the same image the display becomes white in the Image Viewer and no image appears.
  2. Issue with subtitle video play is not working.
  3. On mac Azardi desktop reader, webm video is not working.
  4. Bug fix where footnote links were not working for books contains footnotes tagged using aside tag.
  5. Publisher Shelf books: When we view the book info the Indentifier and Publisher field values shows wrong entries.

    eg: Indentifier: AAAA0695
    Publisher: 9786210000153

    This has to be like this:
    Indentifier: 9786210000153
    Publisher: Pheonix Publishing House, Inc.
  6. FLO book bgcolor must be set to step 2.
  7. An indication need to given to user, if a particular book has been deleted or moved from the browsed location. At present it throws this message "An error occurred while trying to load the book."
19 2014 2014-02-19 27.0
  1. AZARDI Internationalization- Added FRENCH.
  1. 1. Update Shortcut key for fullscreen for mac - modifier added. (ALT + F11).
  2. 2. ACF image processing issue in CSS. Images were loading when open directly onto reader.
  3. Issue from Production Team-3. After generating IDPF epub 3 format, when the book is opened in Reader Directly it is opening with Reflowmode as true which is correct and the content is appearing correctly. But when we download the same book onto Reader through ACF Publisher shelf then the pages are appearing as Fixed Layout with Reflowmode as false.
20 2014 2014-05-07 29.0
  1. Font De-Obfuscation.
  2. Mac- AZARDI Launch script updated for "Alert Message" if the application doesn't get installed correctly.
  1. When we Click on a Shelves Button, the AZARDI view port (700 * 700) expands (700 * 950) and Shelves list gets displayed. Now we Open a book and got to "Fullscreen" mode and then click on the Library button, AZARDI returns to default view Port (700 * 700) even if the shelves button is active instead of (700 * 950).
  2. On Mac- Double click a epub opens AZARDI but doesn't opnes the epub.
  3. Poster Image of the vidoes in the KnowledgeRealm book "WatershedsFLMod-FL.epub" is not displaying for Publisher shelf.
  4. When we browse the above KnowledgeRealm book "WatershedsFLMod-FL.epub" directly in the reader, the subtitles for the videos are not coming. But when we access the book through publisher shelf the subtitles for the videos are coming.
  5. ROR epub loading issue on AZARDI. [Epub contains encoded characters in the manifest filename].
  6. Shortcut key for AZARDI Fullscreen window was not working, because on MAC by default F11 means "Hide or show all Open Windows". So for MAC version Shortcut key for AZARDI Fullscreen window is modified to "Alt + F11".
21 2014 2014-05-21 29.1
  1. Bug Fixes Only.
  1. Not able to create a NOTE after selecting the text. when I press 'Done' nothing happens, the note window just stays there.
  2. 'create note' feature does not work, it also deletes the text that you highlighted when creating the note. It happens when you hit 'ok' button in response to the javascript error message.
  3. Test Case- myepub_RD.epub
  4. Azardi saves the files with a .xhtml extension before displaying it in the Reader and the comment in the code for the reason is "//Mozilla doesn't recognize XML declaration if the file-extension is incorrect, hence renaming the file." So the SMIL file contained src="chapter0_5.html and the file was src="chapter0_5.xhtml on the disk. So the match to find the file failed. Temporary fix- Updated the code to match the filenames without extension.
  5. Cover resizing issue- AZARDI generated cover comes in 2 column mode.
22 2014 2014-08-29 30.0
  1. ACF- Subscription
  1. Pubcoder Epub- At page 4 a link is provided to page 5 and it doesn't work.

    We found that the test case have 2 level of nesting folders. And the nested folder's relative path is specified to the xhtml.
    <a href=“../5/page.xhtml”
  2. Mondnacht.epub: smil + SVG together. SMIL audio is not working at all (neither audio, nor highlighting)[Audio format doesn't support on MAC.]

    After investigating the highlighting issue, found that JQUERY don't support some of below properties.

    Jquery doesn't support "addClass/hasClass/removeClass/toggleClass" method on SVG elements.
  3. Fixed Layout presentation problem in the current AZARDI. Showing scrollbars around the pages in nearly every case.
  4. Express Publishing Fixed Layout Test Case:
    1. Lesson 1: When we access the page first time, and click on any of the words from the "Repeat & match" section. A message pops up:
      "An attempt was made to use an object that is not, or is no longer, usable".
    2. When we directly click on the stop button, following message pops up:
      "stopStoryLineAn attempt was made to use an object that is not, or is no longer, usable"
    3. When we click on the "audio highlighting words" before playing an audio, following message pops up:
      "An attempt was made to use an object that is not, or is no longer, usable"
    4. However when we play the audio first and then click on the "audio highlighting words" no message pops up.
  5. Express Publishing Reflowable Test Case:
    1. In the reflowable test case if while reading the epub on scrolling mode or with spine properites scolling(fixed layout), and user play any aie audio block which is placed in the bottom of page , reader jumps or scorll to start of the chapter
23 2014 2014-10-09 32.0
  1. Library Filter- By Title, Author, Publish Date, Type, Version no.
  2. Full Text Search. Bulk Indexing & De-Indexing.
  3. 3. Bulk Delete
  1. Features upgrades Only.
24 2015 2015-05-21 38.0
  1. MP4 & MP3 support for Mac
  2. Command line launch of an ePub3 document section
  3. AZARDI syncronized with the latest Firefox 38 rendering engine
  1. Features upgrades Only
25 2015 2015-11-05 41
  1. Device count Implementation.
  2. Handling of Extended Metadata. Under Book Info & Add Book. [Partially Updated]
  3. To Support SMIL Audio in ePubs under ACF Publisher Shelf Account.
  4. ACF books: Full Text Search. Bulk Indexing & De-Indexing.
  1. Under "Thumbnail" view the filter is not working.
  2. The Date Format for Publish Date is "YYYY-MM-DD" but for "Date Added" the format is "MM/DD/YYYY". This needs to changed to "YYYY-MM-DD"     
  3. Fix for the navigation issue for a page break inside a chapter end notes.
  4. Application auto update issue. 
  5. CSS updates to improve library look & fill.
  6. Exception handling for the cases when we click next , the page doesn't load and kept on showing the loading bar.
26 2016 2016-03-08 43
  1. Notes: Notes (can now be created within multiple para)
  2. Highlights: Highlights has been introduce for the books available under Publisher Shelf Account
  1. Flow Mode: Notes & Footnotes re-linking was not working. This is now fixed.
  2. Page Navigation: Page Navigation linking is not working in some cases. This is now fixed.
  3. Publisher Shelf Account: The product sequence changes when we return from Search view.
27 2016 2016-07-28 43.1  
  1. Special characters were not displaying in AZARDI due to UTF8 declaration missing from html file. This is now fixed. AZARDI now gets the UTF-8 check done as part of the book loading sequence and inserts it into the DOM if it is missing.
  2. While paging forward through a given article, each subsequent page is rendered slightly shifted to the left, until the left edge of the current page is obscured on the left while the left edge of the next page is visible along the right edge of the window. This is now fixed. So now any margin style for body from book CSS will get overwritten by reader CSS.
  3. Index linking or page navigation link in any book on AZARDI goes to the start of the chapter. Reason being the show print page number is not active. This is now fixed.
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