AZARDI Feature Map


** New in AZARDI 43.1. July 2016.

 New: Indexed Search Features**

Full Text Indexed Search**

  • Full text index search across multiple books **
  • Search in any language **
  • Search Index books individually or in batches **
  • De-Index books individually or in batches **
  • Boolean search tools include AND, OR, NOT, Phrase, NEAR and *Wildcard **
  • Create and maintain optional exclusion word list (in your language) **


AZARDI Version Release History


 Fixed Layout Reading System Features

Standards Support

  • IDPF ePub3 Fixed Layout Specification
  • Javascript. Full Javascript support including Canvas
  • SMIL Audio with auto page turn

Layout & Presentation

  • Fixed layout portrait locked
  • Fixed layout landscape locked
  • Two page spread portrait and landscape
  • Asymmetrical spreads - orientation
  • Asymmetrical spreads - size
  • Vertical spreads
  • Mixed fixed and sliding/flow spreads
  • Fixed to flow linear-no
  • Flow to fixed linear-no
  • Scrolling pages
  • Right to Left
  • Auto epub:type cover, title-page positioning
  • epub:type footnote/note pop-ups
  • Fixed Layout Property Viewer (Alt-H)

Fixed Layout User Preferences

  • Background colour. Five shades from white to black.
  • Galley Chrome. Five options: none, gutter line, page borders, book outline shadow, gutter shadow.
  • Full screen mode


Standard Reading System Features

Standards Support

  • ePub 2
  • ePub 3
  • ePub Fixed Layout
  • Extensive CSS-3 support
  • All languages including hyphenation in 38 languages
  • Right to Left Languages (text presentation, not navigation)
  • Linux, Macintosh and Windows support.
  • WOFF fonts, plus OTF & TTF
  • Load obfuscated fonts
  • SMIL Multimedia overlays

Layout & Presentation

  • User resizable viewport for any monitor or viewport size.
  • Book presentation customizable on a per book basis.
  • Page view mode with 1, 2, 3 or four columns.
  • Column rule option between columns
  • Scrolling view mode
  • Fixed layout mode
  • Font-size adjust. Unlimited
  • Line-height adjust. Unlimited
  • Margin adjust. Unlimited from 0.
  • Hyphenation on/off
  • Justification on/off
  • Background colour
  • Display font selection
  • Multiple concurrent Reader sessions
  • Full interface reset to standard layout
  • Double-click images to view in magnifier window
  • Show epub:type pagebreak as inline, margin or bar break
  • Footnote and note popups using epub properties


  • F1 for instant shortcut key help page.
  • Next / Previous page buttons
  • Next / Previous page mouse navigation
  • Next / Previous page keyboard (PgUp, PgDn or Left-Right Arrows)
  • Next / Previous section keyboard (Shift-PgUp/Dn or Shift Left-Right Arrows)
  • Link return button
  • Table of contents button to TOC page
  • Flyout Table of Contents
  • Landmarks Button
  • Page Navigation Button
  • Full screen mode (F11)
  • External URL links open in remote resource window

File Loading

  • Associate ePub file type with AZARDI
  • Double click from desktop to load and open in AZARDI
  • Browse Upload
  • Edit Metadata on upload
  • Drag and Drop multiple ePubs and bulk upload

Library Features

  • Table or cover thumbnail view
  • Sort by ePub type, title, author, publish date, upload date
  • Filter by title, author, publish date, upload date, ePub Version**
  • Customize table TOC presentation
  • Right click to delete book in Table mode
  • Custom shelves (add -delete)
  • Hide/show shelves
  • Drag books to shelf from library

User preferences

  • Interface Language Internationalization
  • Default Library View
  • Default Viewport Width and Height
  • Default font, font size and line spacing
  • Default margin width
  • Default background colour
  • Default hyphenation, justification and reading presentation
  • Open book to last read position
  • Open book at start position


  • Select text and add note
  • Edit note
  • View book notes from TOC page
  • Delete book notes from TOC page 

Rich Media

  • Audio - OGG (OGA), WebM and MP3. Play by button, object or audio bar.
  • Video - OGG (OGV), WebM and MP4.

ePub 3 Features

  • DC Metadata
  • Table of contents
  • Landmarks
  • Page navigation
  • Extended navigation: LOT, LOI, etc.
  • Manifest properties: cover, cover-image, toc, svg, mathml, scripted, smil
  • Landmarks epub-types: All

AZARDI Special Features

  • Secure Internet Viewport window
  • Image zoom and pan
  • Automatic updates
  • Remembers last reading position per book
  • Remembers user presentation changes per book
  • 100% full screen viewing mode


ePub3 Features AZARDI Does NOT Currently Support

  • CFI
  • Switch
  • Image Pages
  • SVG Pages
  • Triggers
  • Alternate Style tags

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