AZARDI Internationalization

The AZARDI interface now supports multiple languages. From the AZARDI interface go to Settings and select your language preference. You will then have to close and reopen AZARDI to see your selected language applied in the interface.

AZARDI 43 is the first internationalization (I18N) version and supports nine languages (listed below).

AZARDI in your language

If you would like to see AZARDI in your language in a future release and have the ability to translate download the files here and get translating. The zip package contains two localization files and a UserGuide.pdf file (in English). Because of the simplicity of the interface there are only around 180 items to translate.


Download the Internationalization Files Here

By downloading this file and submitting a translation you agree that Infogrid Pacific can use the translation you supply in current and future AZARDI reading systems without limitation or recourse.

If you have any questions while doing the translation contact the support team at azardi (at) infogridpacific (dot) com.

After you have completed your translation send the translated files to azardi (at) infogridpacific (dot) com. The AZARDI support team will acknowledge receipt of the files.

The reward for providing a translation is a deep feeling of well-being, plus we are pleased to give full credit with person or organization name, website link or contact information. Please include your required credit information in your email and join the list below.

Our thanks to the following...

Here is a list of the wonderful people and organizations who have contributed to the AZARDI I18N project.

Chinese Simplified 中文(简体)

Beijing Zhong Kuan Hua Shi Network Technology Co. Ltd.

Chinese (Simplified) translation files (zip)

Czech Čeština

Pavel Fric

Czech translation files (zip)

English English

Infogrid Pacific AZARDI Development team.

English translation files (zip)

German Deutsch

Damien Nickel at Craft De

German translation files (zip)

Hindi हिंदी

Gordon Drego, Manish Jhanwar. Infogrid Pacific AZARDI Testing and Release Team.

Hindi translation files (zip)

Italian Italiano

Alberto Pettarin, Italy

Italian translation files (zip)

Malay Bahasa Melayu

Translated by: Rosman Ahmad and Nurhanizah Hasni Binti Mohd Yusop. Coordinated by: Mok Jee Jin.

Malay translation files (zip)

Nepali नेपाली

Milan Bishwakarma. AZARDI Development Team.

Nepali translation files (zip)

Polish Polski

Inpingo Sp. Ltd. Warsaw

Polish translation files (zip)

Russian русский

Nikolai Murashov, St-Petersburg, Russia AZARDI Help in Russian

Infotropic Media.

Russian translation files (zip)

Spanish Español

Bolchiro. Zurbano, 47. 6º Izq. Madrid 28010. España

Spanish translation files (zip)

French Français

Jean-Marie Schwartz. Namur, Belgium

French translation files (zip)

If you think you can contribute an improved translation please don't hesitate. The links in each language allow you to download the files for your language, make any changes and email them azardi [at] infogridpacific {dot} com. Please download and read the UserGuide.pdf (English).

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