AZARDI ePub3 Reader

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AZARDI Desktop International

AZARDI Desktop is an ePub3 reader that works on all operating systems. It can be downloaded free.

The July 2016 release is AZARDI 43.1. This is a major feature release.

Learn more at the AZARDI Features page.


AZARDI Online Released... with interactive SMIL Support

Learn more at the AZARDI Online information page.

Valuable publisher digital content can be securely delivered to any platform, with any screen size, anywhere in the world.

AZARDI Online works on all modern browsers.

 AZARDI Version Release History

AZARDI:Content Fulfilment 

Change your digital content business instantly. Get your content everywhere... under your control.

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EBook Zero

A collection of E0 demonstration and test books covers a number of genres including fiction, academic dissertations, criticism and historical treatises. Each book is available in E0 and ePub3 to allow comparison between the two packaging formats.


Visit EPUB3 WORLD to view and download ePub3 books made by authors and publishers from around the world.

These ePub3 samples have been created by people working at the leading edge of digital content production.


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